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Easter Camp Prayer Tent 2017

We had the honour of partnering with Southern Easter Camp 2017 this year. It was our first opportunity to do so & we appreciated the space made available for us to help bring a prayer tent element to camp.

We ran a simple prayer tent for 3 of the 5 days. During the young adults free hours the tent was available for people to come hang out to pray, journal and interact with the reflective stations. We also ran one workshop on Hearing God's Voice.

Here are some of the creative elements we incorporated.


Hello, Goodbye came to one of us in a dream. It's all about departing from bad habits, sins or mindsets while embracing the opposite—the things God wants us to take on. So the young adults were prompted to write down something they were letting go of & also write down something they were embracing or saying , "Hello" to. They placed the papers inside the boxes.


We set up a table filled with water jars and vases containing blue food colouring and citric acid. The prompt instructed people to ask God to bring to mind someone He wants them to forgive. In pouring the baking soda in the vase, the mixture foams and fizzes as the unforgiveness is "fizzed away" as they meditate on forgiveness and moving forward.


In this activity, the young adults had a go at practising hearing God's voice. They were given a small object upon entering the tent & were instructed to ask God what He might say about the object that would encourage them or teach them about Himself. For example, someone may have been given a dancing figuring. This might prompt some thought around God wanting the person to find freedom in being themselves and let go of fear of man or stress. Another object might have been a toy hammer. God may have mentioned that He is working piece by piece on different areas of their life.


We also made my a helpful Prayer Guide that provided some additional prompts and reflections. You can download it here (coming soon).

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