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DEEP Worship in the Hills

February 24, 2018

In February 2018 we felt to pray "in the high places" and set the date for a very special DEEP in the Hills evening. We tramped up a hill to the south of Mt. Plesaant and met in this old WW2 embattlement bunker. We had a stunning view of the sunset as we worshipped God in song for a few hours.


Words will not suffice in describing the feeling of gathering together as one people, from many churches, on the top of the hills to sing. The air felt electric and warm with the feeling of family and peace.


While DEEP was created as a 24 hour time of worship, we also see the value of shorter, more strategic times of worship as well. This was a very special evening of singing and praying over the land as well. God has a heart for bringing restoration and reconciliation here!




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October 15, 2019

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April 6, 2019

July 28, 2018

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