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Prayer Collective Christchurch (PCC) is a missional community, a launching pad & connection point for prayer and worship expressions in Christchurch, New Zealand.


We aim to create, champion & inspire new modes of citywide & localised prayer & worship initiatives. We aim to cultivate unity in the Church through collective prayer and worship gatherings, mobilize intercessory & ministry teams, and partner with various initiatives in Christchurch to connect people to God in meaningful ways. 

In 2015 PCC birthed DEEP—a reoccurring, 24 hour, citywide, worship & prayer gathering. Since those early days, we've pioneered several other initiatives. Find out more.

We also also help promote other prayer & worship gatherings in churches happening across the city.


We want to inspire people's prayer life, equip them with resources and champion their own ideas around prayer & worship. Get connected with ongoing prayer & worship gatherings/communities or get inspired to start your own.  Find PCC gatherings here & city gatherings here


While PCC is comprised of a core team of individuals from different churches and backgrounds, we are truly a wider community of believers around the city who interact regularly and support one another in pursuing a myriad of prayer, worship, creative & learning initiatives God is inspiring. There are many people involved at various capacities. We are not a church nor intend to become one. We aim to support the citywide Church body. Read about the backstory of PCC here

We have been influenced by 24-7 Prayer InternationalBURN 24-7 and the faithful prayers of Christchurch's own intercessors of the last several decades.

The team leaders are under YWAM Oxford & based in Christchurch. A spiritual advisory board for PCC is in the works. 


We love to pioneer & champion. To get plugged in with fortnightly prayer, DEEP, e-courses, pop-up prayer spaces, the Easter Camp Prayer Tent, or ministry teams, click the link below.