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Christchurch Prayer & Worship Gatherings

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Sister Eveleen house contemplation

Sister Eveleen Retreat House is inviting you to join them in their rhythm of prayer and meditation. Just turn up. For personal or group retreats, book here. For guided retreats go here.

Mon: Contemplative @ 12pm 

Tues: Taize @ 12pm 

Wed: Evening Prayer, @7pm

Thu: Celtic Christian @ 7am and 12pm 


Scarborough Hill, Sumner 

Contact: 022 563 6879

Website: Sister Eveleen Retreat House


The Shed worship sessions

These worship gatherings are held on the first Friday of the month, throughout the year. Light dinner served, followed by worship.

​47 Alameda Place, Rolleston


Website: The Shed Facebook Page



Connection point for citywide church gatherings in the city. Check out their calendar of what's happening around town.

Influence Christchurch Calendar Website

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