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If you are inspired to pioneer DEEP in your region, we'd love to help you get it going:


First, we'd love to hear from you and offer our support. The heartbeat of DEEP is unity,

so we value building relationship with you. 


  • Facilitate a space of extended time of worship & prayer

  • Citywide inclusion & participation

  • Working in a team context to create DEEP

  • Free for the Holy Spirit to flow, encourage bands to freestyle

  • Engaging/creative stations, relaxed family atmosphere, circular set up

  • Stay in relationship with DEEP Christchurch through friendship & possibly working together in the future as God leads

  • Walk in humility. We all have a distinct call for different purposes in the body.


YOUR OWN VISION apart from DEEP Christchurch

  • Name: you can call your event DEEP (and we can provide DEEP graphics) or you can call it something else. We’re not precious about the name, we're more excited to see cities unified in worshipping our Father

  • Seek God as a team for what each of your DEEPs is meant to focus on / impart / contend for

  • Discover the unique calling on your DEEP that is for your region with your team gifts

  • Embrace creative & cultural expression that flow out of your relationship with God & others

  • Create your own trust / fundraising structure


The vision is to bring together worship bands from around Christchurch to take turns in playing & leading the room into going deeper in God’s presence over an extended period. Within this space, there is natural time that comes up for prophetic words & prayer. Sometimes we incorporate a designated prayer hour, Anglican morning or night prayers, prophetic encouragement stations or healing stations. We are open to changing it up each time. For Prayer Collective, we are experimenting with different styles of DEEP throughout the year as God leads us: length, location, theme, purpose, etc. Over the last several years we value rotating where DEEP is held to build relationship with churches. 

In January 2015, we felt God name DEEP as a space in time over 24 hours to rest in His presence & open oneself up personally & corporately to go deeper with Him. It was NOT about CONTENDING/STRIVING. This came out of a recovery season after the earthquakes & rebuilding phase. Everyone felt down, unmotivated, defeated. God created our foundation to be one of RESTING in HIM during DEEP to get refreshed. This was our foundation. We are currently in a season (2018) where we are sensing we are moving out of a time of DEEPs being predominantly a place of rest and into a place of victory & celebration. While it still has an atmosphere of rest about it, we feel God is moving His corporate body into a season of  joy as we recognize who He is and what He is doing. Each DEEP has its own unique theme or purpose layered onto that. While we have a foundation of rest, receiving and going deeper, sometimes God leads us into a time of contending or celebrating. It depends on what the Spirit is up to. We also have a ministry focus at some DEEPs as God leads.

Once we are in touch, we can offer more in-depth support if you want advise around logistics and vision. We have an Adobe PDF that offers tips on running your own gathering.

Please also let us know if you run DEEP so we can promote it and share about how it went on Instagram and Facebook.


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