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Pop-up Prayer Room



WHAT: Provide a simple, pop-up space for individual and/or group prayer over a 24 hour period at your church. Individuals and/or small groups takes turns each hour. Create a space and atmosphere for seeking the Lord, spending time in His presence, worshipping, praying, meditating, rejuvenating, soaking, scripture reading, journaling.


VISION: Bring people closer to the Lord individually through a simple, prayer room space. This also unifies a body of people through their corporate participation in 24 hours of prayer. There is something powerful that happens when people take turns praying in slots. You enter the room knowing it’s been filled with prayers and worship from the people who came before you. Then it’s your turn to carry the torch until your time is over. 24 hours of prayer is a meaningful and powerful time for your community and city, as you seek breakthrough and revelation. You can run it as a one-off, or weekly, monthly, for a week/month straight, quarterly, or go hard out and make a permanent prayer room! Make it work for you and your church.



—Designate an individual or small team to facilitate and manage this pop-up prayer room

—Find a small/medium sized space in your church or neighbourhood that will work for you

—Pick a date. Friday night to Saturday night usually works best.

—Register your space on (This creates an easy place for participants to sign up for a timeslot to pray) or do it oldschool style, through FB group/email

—Contact friends or share the idea at church during announcements/bulletin for a month leading up to the time

—In the room, create a relaxed atmosphere with cushions, couches, bibles, guitar, paper, pens, fairy lights, music, communion, art, a cross, map of the city, tea, etc. Make it creative & unique to your church community.

—Arrange for room key exchange with each participant as they “pass the torch”.

—Designate a team leader to check in with whoever starts and ends the 24 hour slots to see how it’s going and make sure the space is securely locked up at the end of the time.


Let us know how it goes & refer to the resources below if you need any help!




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