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Easter Camp Prayer Tent 2018

We had the honour of partnering with Southern Easter Camp 2018 again this year. It was our second year of running the Prayer Tent next to the Big Top.

A week before Easter Camp we facilitated a citywide prayer meeting to cover Easter Camp & pray for all attending. IT was a beautiful and powerful night of unified prayer and prophetic words. Thank you to everyone who showed up & contributed your time and heart!

Photo Coming+

At Easter Camp 2018 we ran a prayer tent for 4 of the 5 days. During the young adults free hours the tent was available for people to come hang out to pray, journal and interact with the reflective stations. We also ran two workshop on Hearing God's Voice and Knowing Truth. In the evening on Saturday night we ran our first Prophesy Night for the young adults. It was an honour to pray for these young ones of Christchurch & encourage them through prophetic words. It was a privilege to see and hear first hand feedback from people receiving prophetic words (many for the first time in their lives). It was especially moving when tears flowed and individuals felt that God truly saw them and knew them. <3

Here are some of the creative elements we incorporated.


This was an exercise in writing your own psalm. You can download the prompt here: coming soon.


We gave students a pair of new earplugs and a prompt that went through the different ways we inadvertently block ourselves from hearing God's voice. You can download the prompt here: coming soon.


We set up a table filled with water jars and vases containing blue food colouring and citric acid. The prompt instructed people to ask God to bring to mind someone He wants them to forgive. In pouring the baking soda in the vase, the mixture foams and fizzes as the unforgiveness is "fizzed away" as they meditate on forgiveness and moving forward.


We also made my a helpful Prayer Guide that provided some additional prompts and reflections. You can download it here.

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