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Past Workshops

Over the last few years we have hosted a handful of workshops on a variety of topics.


-PCC Think Tank

-The Centered Heart Workshop with Jeff Pratt (Itinerant global)

-Prophetic Intercession with Miriam Atkinson (Oxford, NZ)

-Dream Class with Victoria Boyd (Tauranga, NZ)

-Evangelism Equipping & Encounter Night​ with Matty & Natalia Russell, Janelle Nye & Dian de Haan (Australia, NZ, Denmark)

-Re-wilding with Jeff Pratt & Noah Cremisino (Itinerant global and Christchurch,NZ)

EASTER CAMP 2017-2019

-Hearing God's Voice with Josh and Sarah Taylor, Noah Cremisino

-Knowing God as Your Father with Lisa & Jonny Taylor

-Jesus & Selfie Culture with Naomi Hugilll

-Hearing God (Discerning Lies from Truth) with Lynley Warner

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