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Easter Weekend


Graves to Gardens is an Easter weekend resource for you to enjoy within the context of your family or circle of friends in your community. Churches or organisations are also free to use it to help faciliate a meaningful Friday to Sunday Easter experience. Learn more here. >



the Year

Citywide worship & prayer gatherings. DEEP began as a 24 hour gathering (2015-current) where different church worship teams or individuals carry an hour or two of facilitating worship. Prayer + ministry is integrated throughout. In 2018 we created a few more expressions. DEEP: Worship in the Hills (pop-up gathering at strategic outdoor locations) and DEEP: 5 (potluck, worship & prayer gathering that's 5 hours). Learn more here. >


Yearly at Easter

The Prayer Collective Prayer Tent has been located at CYS Southern Easter Camp since 2017. This is a space for youth + leaders to step away from the busyness of camp to reflect + connect with God in a more meditative + worshipful environment. The prayer tent offers one-on-one prayer, prayer prompts,  workshops, Prophecy Nights + a worship gathering. Some years we host a citywide prayer meeting leading up to Easter Camp to pray for the youth or run a 24/7 prayer sign up for those not attending to intercede for camp. Learn more here. > 


On hiatus

We gather intercessors across the city for PCC gatherings like DEEP + Easter Camp.

Over the years we also hosted a fortnightly prayer night within the PCC community for those with a heart for strategic, God-led prayer over the city. 



the Year (on hiatus)

Courses:  We have run the Prayer Course by Alpha & 24/7 International, God Secrets by Shawn Bolz, and School of the Prophets by Kris Vallaton.  Learn more here >

WORKSHOPS: We've run workshops with a variety of speakers on topics like dream interpretation, intercession and biblical contemplation. We also provide workshops at Easter Camp. We look forward to running more workshops in the future with local voices & voices from abroad. Learn more here >



the Year

We believe God gives His people prophetic tools to encourage and strengthen one another. We gather teams of prophetic individuals from around the city to minister in a variety of capacities with prophetic words or healing prayer. Our ministry teams serve at citywide gatherings, youth groups, businesses by invitation, Easter Camp, + individual prayer times. If you'd prophetic encouragement for a group/business Learn more here >



the Year

We continue to connect with others, promote prayer + worship initiatives that are happening through other churches & communities + dream up new ideas. We value collaboration when opportunities arise.


We gather people who are passionate about prayer / worship + create avenues for others to initiate, lead + serve in these areas for PCC. We hope this overflows into their church life expression + wider community. We believe in walking with people &+championing them forward in their identity + calling wherever they are in their faith journey.

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