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DEEP Christchurch:  Once a year we host a 24+ hour worship & prayer gathering in the Christchurch. We partner with local worship leaders, intercessors and churches to create an atmosphere of continual song & prayer. DEEP 24s give the opportunity for many church bands to get involved as we set aside time for continual adoration of our Father God.


Everyone is welcome to attend at any point at a DEEP. Some people pop-in for a few hours while others stay the entire time. It can be a rich time of personal reflection, soaking, prayer prophetic ministry and celebration. We also incorporate artistic elements to help the creative types connect with the space.

Past: South City C3 (2015), St. Christopher's (2015), Grace Vineyard City (2016), Northcity Church (2016), Grace Vineyard Beach (2017), South West Baptist (2019)

Upcoming: TBA

DEEP 5: This is a shorter DEEP expression (5 hours) that brings together a blended band of musicians from various churches to curate an extended time worship & prayer. We also gather ministry teams to serve prophetically and pray for physical healing. DEEP New Years Eve has an emphasis on thanking God for the year, celebrating the year ahead, gathering around food and sending out evangelism teams after midnight.

Past: DEEP 5 @ Eastside C3 (2018), DEEP New Years Eve @ Harmony Church (2018)

Something powerful takes place over these extended, set-apart blocks of time as we press into God together—unified as believers across the city. He has healed sicknesses, delivered people from oppression and brought people's hearts back to Him during these times. We look forward to seeing you there. 



Throughout the year we host several shorter DEEPs with the same heart but with a slightly different approach. 

We pioneered DEEP Worship in the Hills in 2017 where we start the year worshipping God "from the high places" and praying over the city as the sun sets. This is an acoustic, relaxed, open atmosphere style gathering. 

Past: DEEP in the Hills @ Port Hills, Mt Pleasant (2018), 

DEEP in the Hills @ Godley Head (2019)


In 2018 we pioneered DEEP in Winter where we gathered in a local business warehouse for an extended night of worship & fundraised for Kairos Free Store. 


PastDEEP in Winter @ Benny's Barbershop (2018)

In 2019 we pioneered Night Pilgrimage which combined a shared picnic, contemplative prayer with DEEP style worship at the Le Bons Bay Anglican chapel.

Upcoming Projects: DEEP Sound Bath



We love partnering with with local ministries in Christchurch to curate or host worship & prayer times within larger events.

Previous Collaborations: Marine Reach NZ, 24/7 Youthwork NZ, The Abbey Anglican Youth Leaders Gathering, 

Another aspect of DEEP is our collaborative mission trips where we travel to south island towns to join local believers in stirring the atmosphere through worship. 


Previous Trips: DEEP Tekapo @ Tekapo Community Centre (2019)

 & Hokitika DEEP Anglican Trip (2019)

Upcoming Trips:  DEEP Timaru




Ongoing: DEEP Tekapo is a partnership with the Church of the Good Shepherd community which curates a daily contemplative experience for the daily tourists who visit the church. COTGS draws 700,000 tourists yearly. We are helping develop rhythms of worship in COTGS by sending worship teams down from Christchurch on a regular basis. Teams, youth bands and individuals have served at the chapel from Christchurch and Queenstown.



Date: TBA




Date: TBA


Venue: TBA




Venue: Secret Location TBA


December 2014. DEEP was birthed out of an idea to gather four traveling YWAM teams for a worship night. They all happened to be in Christchurch at the same time for separate outreaches so we thought it would be rad to invited them over for worship. It was an act of solidarity, unity, encouragement. But before we met, the idea came about to make this casual worship gathering into a city-wide, 24-hour worship weekend that included worship leaders from around the city. Why not come together with others in a unified expression of worship & prayer?

We sensed the time spent together was to be restful and that the space we created was to be a space where people could go DEEP with God. It was a place to simply "be" and receive. Post earthquakes, people were tired. Anxiety was high. We brought in couches and cushions, creative stations & communion table. Inspired by 24-7 Prayer International, we wanted to create the atmosphere of a prayer room.

So in February 2015, we held our first DEEP. It was approached as a one-off gathering, but because of enthusiastic feedback we received over the weekend, we noticed a deep hunger for more gatherings like this. 

DEEP 24 hours of prayer & worship, was born. You could say it's a blend of BURN 24-7 and 24-7 Prayer International with a focus on city unity and transformation.


As we develop the DEEP worship & prayer community we love seeing relationships bridged across the city, from church to church. We also love seeing multiplication when people are inspired to create similar expressions, and we love the opportunity DEEP brings for so many people with different gifts to get involved. Worship teams, creative minds, sound people, intercessors, prophetic and healing ministers and evangelists. With one heart, we come together to worship the King.


We are musicians, creatives, prophetic ministers and admin ninjas from around Christchurch. Together we represent seven different church expressions within the city. Our varied experiences and viewpoints help define the vision and direction of DEEP. We carry a heart to see God lifted up throughout the city & the South Island while uniting churches, towns and generations.  


The founders of DEEP are YWAM Oxford staff who are based in Christchurch long-term. 


We are going where God leads us and look forward to what's ahead.