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Words for Christchurch, October 2018

OCTOBER PROPHETIC HIGHLIGHTS: intimacy. maturity. light in the city, new shift in season

Return to our first Love. Revival waves of intimacy across this city.

Revival isn't just an event. It's actually an individual revival first but corporate when we gather & flow together.

We are in a great period for us to be more mature. This comes by knowing the Lord.

Intimacy leads us to knowing Him. Out of that you grow in maturity & move in the power that was given in the secret place.

In collective prayer we got a strong sense that God is calling us as a city to individually walk in deeper intimacy with Him and that out of that will come deeper maturity, deeper sense of true identity, personal revival, the birthing of new things and his power to equip each individual for all things He has in store. There was a deep sense that this is a huge key for this time for all believers, leaders, etc.

A strong sense to say YES to time with Him and in the word.

In a place of intimacy with Christ, our insecurities fall away, we are free, known, loved. We become carriers of that freedom to spread to the city. FREEDOM CARRIERS. In our "being known & loved" from a place of intimacy with Christ, we stand up in our full stature, are launched into growing in maturity. We must go to that "upper room" to deeply receive all that God has for us to empower us for His work. And things are birthed in that secret place.

Be in the word. Be in set apart time with the Lord. We are drawn to people who like us, who love us. Know His love for you & be drawn into His presence.

Psalm 84:2 My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord: my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.

It is out of intimacy that we are empowered to live daily with wisdom, compassion, patience, strength, joy, revelation, direction and empowered to share the gospel & operate in signs and wonders.

Let revival start with us. It is not an event. It is hundreds and thousands of individual, personal revivals flowing together at the same time.

KNOW GOD. INSECURITIES FALL AWAY. FREEDOM RISES. CONFIDENCE in HIM within US BUILDS. Maturity ripens. PROSPER WHEREVER YOU GO. We then being moving in His power more mightily. God's succeeds in what He is doing and establishing. Joshua 1:7, Ezra 7:10 Be prepared & seek the Lord. Teach His ways. Compassion. Wisdom. Power. Direction. Signs and wonders. Revelation.


Image of a married couple doing the hongi. Metaphor for us & Christ. Bride & bridegroom. The bride says "Not my will, but yours." The groom (Jesus) replies: Kia kaha, kia māia, kia manawanui. (Be Strong. Be steadfast. Be willing.) God is emphasizing intimacy.

Song Lyrics: Kia Kaha by Link

Image of two padlocks locked together. Metaphor for God & us. We are intimately linked and connected with Him. This is our identity- locked into His heart. A fresh revelation of who we are.


Someone sensed the Church will be under pressure in the future and the Maori will stand up and protect the Church. But healing and joining more together will happen before that.


As the cloud over Chch is shifting away, the Glory Cloud is replacing it and coming in. Image of a bug zapper. In the presence of Him & His light, we die to self are rebirthed and we live for Him. Flesh dies. Depression dies. Image of people running to that light. God is shifting things.

Songs: Sense to be singing and declaring what's ahead with revival songs, waymaker, etc.

Current "Revival"/Themes we are seeing in Christchurch/NZ:

-revival of identity

-rising of the sons & daughters


30 October Meeting

A major shift is happening in this season.

Today we noted that the quake that most of NZ felt occurred around when the protest was taking place outside of parliament in Wellington. The earthquake caused parliament to take a break in the midst of meeting. The protest that had been taking place was against the removal of Jesus being in the parliamentary prayer without consultation. MP Alfred had spoken to the protesters and said, "The footprint of faith is deep and wide in our country".

Live a life of integrity.

Keep applying forgiveness.

Image: blood transfusion / Jesus' life/blood filling people up / "top up"

God releasing exponential blessings. Our words release these things. Believe & release.

Unity isn't just about church to church. It's about how we speak of one another as individuals, person to person. Let UNITY start with your mouth. Let is start with honouring your brothers and sisters.

Image: Quilt picture across the city- it was looking ripped with holes- God is patching it back together and restrengthening new bonds in the city. —Brydee

See people rightly, through God's eyes. Learn to see their potential and call it out.

God is dissolving suspicion in the city.

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