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Prayer Caravan

This week an issue arose in our community so we were inspired to create a pop-up prayer room. The idea occurred on Friday night, was immediately set into motion, organised on Saturday and happening by 6am Sunday morning. It was an awesome opportunity to see what can happen with an idea & a willing community of friends on mission together.

We reached out to a friend who has a caravan & he was more than eager to lend it out for this purpose. As a community we spent a full Sunday of back to back prayer and worship, contending for a friend's life. We had friends sign up for an hour time-slot, creating a beautiful day of people streaming in and out of the caravan and in and out of the house. It was encouraging & humbling to see young adults stoked on God & willing to take time out on a weekend to pray.

One day of prayer then turned into a week of hosting this prayer space due to our friend's willingness to let us keep the caravan a bit longer. We opened up the caravan for the week for anyone who wanted to come pray and spend time kicking it with God.

We hope this inspires any readers at what you can do within your community!

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